Entry removes form from page

On friday our registration form went live using the planned function of the form. Everything was fine until around monday. I suspect from when we hit 150+ registrations.

Now, after every registration, the [gravityform id=“2” title=“true”] tag gets removed from the page, and replaced with a text stating that the event is full and a waitlist registration might open shortly.

The change is listed as a revision of the page, by an unknown user. I suspect someone added this text / logic, but I am unable to identify where.
The max submissions setting I turned on in an attempt to fix it, with 1000+ submissions a day (with a different message to rule this out), but to no avail.

After every submission I have to manually reinstate the gravityforms tag on the page, to keep registration open, which is driving me mad :smiley:

Any suggestions where this setting could be?

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