Email Routing BCC instead of conventional email


I know I’m posting regarding a subject that has already been asked before in March 2022. I’m trying to find a snippet of code to add to a form’s notification to send emails in BCC instead of TO.

We need our forms to be sent out to multiple persons but we need to keep confidentiality of who receives the email.

I’m not a PHP coder, I have no clue on how to code this. I would be able to adapt PHP code that is provided to me for my specific usage but can’t code it from scratch. I’m willing to pay for this.

Can anyone help?



Hi Michael. Can you add the address to the BCC area of the notification, each one separated by a comma, like this?

The only address shown to the recipient will be their own when using the BCC like this.

Hi Chris,

I’m more looking to make these send out (multiple at once since it’s a checkbox in the form) as BCC.



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