Sending notification also to the form submitter [RESOLVED]

I have created a contact form and a notification of a submitted form is delivered to the site admin, which is good. I would also like to send a notification to the person who has filled the form, so that he remembers what he has written to us.

I have managed to do this but now the the person who submitted the form also sees all of the recepients of this notification and I don’t want him to see those other addresses.

How do I do this the easiest way?

Create multiple notifications - one that has the site admin, one that has the person who has filled in the form. Or you could enable BCC: if it’s the same message, have it go TO: the submitter and BCC: the admin.

Thank you Jamie,
Of course… I was not familiar with the english term BCC before, but now I googled it. And it really seems to be the easiest way :wink:

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