Editing nested forms on iOS

Hi, I have some forms that work perfectly well in a desktop browser but which don’t work properly on a phone. The forms contains a number of nested forms. On the desktop, a user can edit the entries they add or delete them but on the phone, you instead get a message saying “Oops! You don’t have permission to edit this entry.” Does anyone know how to resolve this?

Hi Tom,

This is often a caching-related issue. A working solution will be to either exclude any page with the Gravity Forms with Nested Forms from being cached within the caching plugin you’re using, or you can use our Cache Buster plugin to stop caching on that page. You will find the Cache Buster plugin and documentation on how to use it here: Cache Busting with Gravity Forms - Gravity Wiz

I hope this helps. In case this doesn’t work for you and you’re still experiencing this issue, you can get in touch with us via our support form so we dig into this issue.


Thanks, Sam. Would caching still be causing the issue if users are getting this on their first visit to the page? That’s the behaviour we’re seeing.

EDIT: Sorry, ignore the above. The issue seems to be where they’ve used a Save and Continue link.

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