Dynamically populated checkboxes, field with conditional logic keeps empty? [RESOLVED]

I have a form, with dynamically populated checkboxes (taxonomy). Underneath the checkboxes I have a field set with conditional logic.

The conditional logic is set on if the checkboxes → option : other has been selected. The text field is shown to the user. After entering data in the form and selecting the checkbox “other” and inserting some random data in the text field the form can be submitted.

But the “random data” keeps empty? When viewing the entries the text field is empty? What might cause this situation?

Any ideas or suggestions are highly appreciated.

Can you confirm that, when dynamically populating the choices for the checkbox field, that you are also setting the appropriate inputs as outlined in this example? Dynamic population of checkboxes does require setting both the choices and inputs properties – else you’ll encounter issues.

Solved indeed, I have set it on field name instead of ID this results in issues. Replaced the code 1:1 what you are suggesting and it works.

The field ID is needed for saving the checkbox data I think.

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