Dynamically populate field from Thrivecart order

Hi! I use Thrivecart for my shopping cart, but want to collect additional information after someone checks out. I would like to pre-populate fields like their name, email and product purchased using a Gravity form that has additional fields to fill out.

I understand I should be able to do this via the parameters passed in the query string and added in Gravity Form parameter field with dynamic population enabled. However, I haven’t had any luck getting it to work.

Here is a link to a form I am working on with some test data included in the URL:


I’ve added the parameters: customer_firstname, customer_lastname and customer_email within the appropriate fields in Gravity forms but I can not get the form to pre-fill the data.

Here is a reference of Thrivecart’s available parameters for use (Pre-fill your checkout fields – ThriveCart Helpdesk)

Am I missing something or misunderstanding how this should work?

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