Dynamically populate a "list" field from answers provided in previous question


I’m trying to understand how to accomplish this task:

The user needs to answer to a question made by a multiple options field.

In a next question a need to generate a “list” field, where each row is represented by the options selected in the previous question.

For each row there are two columns:

1 - with the option name ( from previous answer )
2 - text field that user needs to fill out


Which pets do you have:

  • CAT
  • DOG
  • FISH

Enter the name of your pets:

DOG | Lessie
FISH | Nemo

In the real world the first question has more than 40 options
and the user could select even all of them.

Thank you

Hi Gianmario,

This snippet should do the trick. It adds a new row to a List field with the checkbox value as the value in the first column of the newly added row.

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