Dynamically enable/disable fields


As the title says, is there a way to dynamically enable or disable a field (not hide or show) according to a selection of another field?

Thanks in advance!

Showing or hiding the field would seem to have the same effect as enabling or disabling it. What exactly are you trying to do – i.e., how is enabling a field different from showing it, and how is disabling a field different from hiding it? Are you perhaps wanting it to remain visible no matter what the conditions but simply refuse user input if it is disabled?

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Hi Rob, thanks for your reply.

Showing or hiding is not the same as enabling and disabling in terms of user experience. When there is a form that logically needs to show or hide several fields the user has no clue about the length of the form. However, by disabling the fields the user knows immediately what he will be required to fill and understands visually that the disabled fields will be enabled once he takes action.

So, I need a solution to disable and enable dynamically based on selections of other fields.


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