Auto-size Fields Across Columns

I often create forms with up to 4 fields in a row. At the same time I also liberally use conditions to show/hide fields.

Does anyone know of a way to dynamically resize the remaining visible fields in a row, or one of them (I’d like that to be an option - all or one) to fill in the space of the conditionally hidden field, and then to revert back to their original state if the hidden field is shown?

This would do wonders for form aesthetics. :grin:

Hey Phil,

Why not using jQuery to handle this? :wink: If you’re confused, share the form URL with 1/2/3/4 fields in a row so I can give the workaround. Thank you

Hey Faisal,

I’m not confused, really… :laughing: I’m just not much of a coder when it comes to JavaScript/JQuery.

Thanks, I’ll share a form here soon… just away from home at the moment.

Awesome. Keep me posted. Thank you. :+1:

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