Dynamically add select options from user metadata

Hi All,

I have a form where a user registers as a “Company” and I’ve got a textarea where they can enter “Associates Names” separated by commas. This all uses the User Registration plugin, it works great.

Now I need to make a separate form for the Company who is logged in and populate a dropdown (select) with the names of the associates entered into the other form and from the user metadata.

Any ideas?

Hi Dan. There is no built in functionality to do that in Gravity Forms. You could do it with your own coded solution, or this plugin from Gravity Wiz:

The fact that the Associate Names are entered as a comma separated list, in an HTML field may complicate things, and then you need to pull the user meta from the database based on those names retrieved from a previous entry, makes this a pretty complex customization. I’m not sure if Populate Anything can actually handle all that without any additional code. You could check with their support to be sure, before you purchase anything.

Hi Chris,

I could change the way the Associates are entered to conform to the plugin. But I don’t know how to add fields to the User Metadata though the WP Profile page. Right now there is one box where everybody is entered and the same box in the Profile page where they can be edited.


I’ll check it out.