Dynamic population of multi-select with more than one field [RESOLVED]

I’m wondering about the syntax for this feature when populating values via a shortcode. The use case is regression testing for those field types that do not accept a default value. Here’s what I have so far. Only fields not supporting a default value attribute will be listed.
[gravityforms id="16" field_values="monthradio=3&listbox=3&radiobuttons=Yes&textareacheckbox=Third%20Choice&textareamulti=First%20Choice&textareamulti=Third%20Choice]

In this example, everything works as expected but textareamulti, even when it’s represented only once in the arglist.


I could swear I’d tested this before posting. Anyway
[gravityforms id="16" field_values="monthradio=3&listbox=3&radiobuttons=Yes&textareacheckbox=Third%20Choice&textareamulti[]=First%20Choice&textareamulti[]=Third%20Choice"]

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