Duplicated forms do not copy style? [RESOLVED]

When I duplicate a form that I have formatted (styles and layout), the duplicated form does not carry over the style. Is this normal? How can I duplicate a form and have it use the same style as the original form?

Hi Doug. Are you using the Styles and Layout plugin for this? If so, you would need to contact them to ask.

If you are using some other method for the styles in the form, let us know what that is, and we’ll see if there is a better way to manage those so they apply to duplicated forms. Thank you.


Thank you. I’m new to Gravity Forms. I didn’t realize there was a separate plugin for the styles, but upon checking, yes, I have that plugin. That is where I am editing styles on my form. So that’s not Gravity Forms. I will check with them. Thanks or that tip.

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