Dropbox Fault Finding

Hi folks.

Is there any way at all to debug the dropbox addon?

One of my sites stopped uploading to dropbox in mid December. Luckily its not critical. From looking at the site though none of the file upload fields upload to dropbox.

I have tried disconnecting then re-connecting.

Saving the location of the folder under settings.

The dropbox account has plenty of storage. And it seems to authenticate and attach without issue.

I have created the feed and just told it to upload all file upload fields.

I have a dev license and could open a full request but though to ask here first.

Any ideas on if there is any form of debugging that can be looked into for what may be causing this? Or ideas from those who may have experienced the same.

I have tried creating a new app and connecting it. No joy nothing gets uploaded.

Creating a new dropbox account and attaching it. It appears to create the App directory and sub folder when linking. But the uploaded file does not get to the dropbox.

V3.0 of dropbox addon being used with latest gravity.

The best way to debug anything in Gravity Forms is to enable the Gravity Forms logging for Gravity Forms core and all your Gravity Forms add-ons.

Documentation for Enabling Logging: Logging and Debugging - Gravity Forms Documentation

Just submit a ticket Chris. Tried all manner of things to get it to work. No joy.

Have now enabled logging though and send a system report thanks.

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