Displaying a QR Code in GravityView [RESOLVED]

Good Day All

Can anyone offer a tip as to how to display a QR Code of the data of one of the fields in a Single Entry view on GravityView.

In my registration form I create a Unique ID for that “client” and then I want to use that Unique ID to display a QR Code in GravityView.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Hi Stephen. The folks from GravityView do stop in here occasionally, but have you also contacted them for assistance with this request?

Hi @user5fc737ec20b89414 - This should work:

  • Install a QR code generating plugin
  • Add a Custom Content field
  • In the Custom Content field, add the shortcode and user Merge Tags as the content (Example: [kaya_qrcode_dynamic]{entry_id}[/kaya_qrcode_dynamic])

This should work. Thanks @chrishajer!

Also, this type of question is a great fit for our GravityView Power Users Facebook group—you’re welcome to join!

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Hi Zack and Chris

I wish to thank you for your kind assistance with this.

@katzwebservices this solution worked perfectly.

Kind Regards

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