Display Nested Form Table Inputs in BuddyPress Profile Page

I’m using GF to gather registration information for a website that is being used to populate profile fields on BuddyPress. This is a membership site. I’m gathering some information (duty stations for military veterans), and want to display that table of different duty stations into the users profile as a table. Anyone have any idea how to make this work?

Current View: Markup Hero - Free Screenshot & Annotation Tool
The Table I want to show below it (being captured during registration): Markup Hero - Free Screenshot & Annotation Tool

That seems to be what the Nested Forms add-on generates during the form display, right?. I don’t know if this add-on provides a shortcode or some other way to show it in the front-end. I would recommend you to reach Gravity Wiz support about it.

There’s no built-in feature in Gravity Forms to display data from entries in a profile page in any case.

Usually the GravityView add-on is the best choice to display data from entries in the front-end: https://www.gravitykit.com/

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