Disable pre-filled values from previous submission [RESOLVED]

When a user is logged in and fills out the form for the second time, the previous submitted values are populated. Can I turn this off?

Can you give a little more background on what you mean? If you are using a User Registration feed, that is what is supposed to happen after creating the Update User feed. The browser may also be caching the information and auto-filling the form fields. If you let us know a little more detail, we should be able to offer some advice.

Sure. I am using Update User feed. Can I turn that part off for this form?

When using an Update User feed, if you do not map the fields from the form to the user meta profile fields, those fields in the form will not be pre-filled with data from their profile. However, that means when the user submits that form, their data won’t update their profile (because you did not map the fields.)

Sorry, I’m not 100% I’m following. I do want to map the fields to user meta profile. But if the second time they fill out the form, if they do not fill in a value, or if they change a value, I would like it to update those mapped fields as now “” (blank) or the new value. But I don’t want it to pre-populate with what is already in the user’s meta field. It’s confusing people and a checkbox that was once visible is now a hidden field is being selected for people filling out the form for the second time.

When you map the fields in the feed from the user meta to the form, that is what pre-populates the fields in the form. It sounds like you want to use the Update User feed to update the user, but you don’t want to show them what value those fields already hold. Is that correct?

If so, I suppose you could NOT map the profile field to the form field, so the field is not filled with existing data. Then you could rely on the gform_user_updated filter to write the new meta from the form submission to that user’s profile.

Ahh I didn’t think of that. Thank you. That should do it.

HI there,

I am wondering if I can keep the form setup as it is (I am having the same issue) and just force the fields, that I don’t want to be pre-populated with the user meta, to show the default values.
That way I could leave some fields being filled from previously submitted data and other fields (where it is relevant) be blank.