Checkbox Populate based on User Field [RESOLVED]


I have custom user fields and part of the profile form they are filling out I want to have checkboxes or radio buttons for them to accept or deny specific choices. I can currently do that, but when I show their profile to update using the User Registration, Update User feature there isn’t a way to populate the radio button/ checkbox to show what they have previously chosen. Is there a way to populate fields like that with the user submission so i can show them what they have chosen on the form they previously submitted? Thanks.

Hi Pippin. Checkboxes and Radio Buttons are pre-populated in the “update profile” page for me.

I created a form to register a user:

I created a User Registration “Create user” feed for that form.

Then I created a form for the user to update their profile:

And I created a User Registration “Update User” feed for that form.

I registered, selected a radio button, and one checkbox, and then after submitting the form, I logged in, and when I viewed this page [SITE REMOVED] the checkboxes and radio buttons were populated with my earlier choices. When I changed them and viewed the page again, they are populated with the new values.

This is working for me. Does it not work the same way for you?

Thanks Chris,

It didn’t work for me, I’ve used similar setups on other websites but not with radio buttons or checkboxes. it wasn’t registering the input on the form submission so nothing was showing up on the user field and it wasn’t letting me populate the user update form with anything for the radio button.

Long story short I deactivated some plugins and reinstalled Gravity Forms User Registration plugin and it started working just as it should. I just going to track down the exact issue now. Thank you for your time.

Thanks for the update. I’ll close this topic, but if you need more assistance, please feel free to open a new one.