Delete user Registration Entries when Deleting Users via WordPress Admin?


I noticed that when I deleted a test user in WordPress (via Admin), then tried to add the test user back I was met with “The username is already in use” message.

  • To the best of my knowledge, WordPress does not keep any info on deleted users …right?
  • I also know that the user was actually deleted.

Turned out to be that there was a registration entry from the User Registration Form which used that same username. Once I deleted the entry, I was able to reuse the username.


  1. Does the User Registration add-on provide any logic such that when a user is deleted from WordPress, the user’s Registration is also deleted from the User Registration form?
  2. Once a user is registered, is there any “connection” between the user and the form entry or, can the form entry be deleted without loss of user entry (or meta data) in the WordPress db?
  3. The Update entry feed is not using data from the User Registration entry, but pulling directory from the db for user info and meta, correct?

Is there any point after initiating the registration and completing any password or activation processes (i.e. GPerks Better user Activation), wherein the form is needed? And if so, any point wherein it can be discarded?

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Update: I would say that it depends on the use-case.

Given that the solution to my question on “Conditional Activation Pages for GPBUA” required that there be an actual entry, enabling “Disable entry creation” in the form settings would -in this case- cause a fatal error. So, the answer seems to be “it depends”.

As such, I consider this question closed.