Deleted users can't be re-registered withe the same email address. As if they are blocked from the site

I’ve been testing my site with a user registration form and login widget. An issue I have is after I delete the user for testing purposes I can’t go back and use that same email address to create a new user.

Does gravity forms save these users in the database? And block them from coming back as a security issue?

The other issue is if I choose as an admin to approve their role as a subscriber thru the entry form. And then the user is created on the Wordpress side. I can’t go back in and edit that entry to change the role or unapprove.

Are you deleting the Gravity Forms entry and the user record? Deleting the entry in Gravity Forms won’t delete the user record. The user record needs to be deleted so that email can be used again for a registration.

If you do not have a restriction on the email field in the form to prevent duplicates, then Gravity Forms won’t prevent the submission of the form with that same email address again.

Let us know if you are deleting the users as well as the entries. Thank you.

I am deleting the users from both the gravity forms entry as well as the Wordpress Users. And now on the site I can only add users thru gravity forms. I can’t add users with the wordpress “add” users.
But my staging site I can. Maybe this is a dev issue? not gravity forms?

I’m not sure exactly what that could be. I recommend opening a support ticket for that issue:

ok I have done that. Thank you for commenting.

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