Custom Post Types & their Taxonomies

Hello, is there anything would allow custom post type taxonomies to be used? As is, the only category taxonomy I see available are those for Wordpress’s default ‘post’ Post Type. Hope that makes sense! Here is a 60 second screencast to help understand my question:


Gravity Forms can be used to create custom post types as well as custom taxonomies, however it doesn’t do so out of the box, only WP standard post type, tags and categories are supported out of the box.

There’s a third-party add-on, that allows you to create custom posts and use custom taxonomies easily:

Thanks Samuel… I’m using that plugin you mention (Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types) and it works great for custom post types…but not for the custom post type’s Taxonomy (unless I’m doing something wrong)

In the screencast I linked to, the plugin was active.

Gravity Forms is working on an advanced post creation add-on which should help you with this.

I don’t believe the custom post types plugin you are using supports the taxonomies.

EDIT: Clearly I was wrong about this :blush:

Thanks for the reply. That would be … fantastic. I hate to wait to build out my idea without this.

Probably not answerable but I’ll ask, is there a goal date on this functionality?


No release date at this point in time. There is a third party add-on in the works as well, but I don’t have any additional details about that.

Blockquote There is a third party add-on in the works as well, but I don’t have any additional details about that.

Maybe someone in the know can drop a name of the third party plugin you mentioned.

According to the Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types add-on readme file, it has support for custom taxonomies. In your video I’m not seeing any field set to custom taxonomies, maybe the following tutorial can point you into the right direction:

If not, I would recommend you to contact with the author of the Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types for further assistance.

Said that, if you’re comfortable creating your own custom functions or your have a developer at hand to do it for you, the following filter can be used to change the post type, saving standard fields as taxonomies, etc…


Thanks for the link and info Samuel. That put me in the right direction. :slight_smile:


Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types works unless you want to run conditional logic based on the field’s value. This may be a new issue to 2.5, but right now you’re forced to choose to populate the field with the taxonomy to write to the taxonomy or be able to use conditional logic.

OK, might be wrong here. While it didn’t look like the selected values were being saved in the conditional logic settings, the IDs for the desired taxonomy is saved and visible after a refresh. Looks like it does work, but not very friendly at the moment.