Custom Field Type Development - Help Needed

I’m busy developing a custom field type for Gravity Forms and need some assistance for this. In order to solve a few issues I am experiencing, I am looking for someone to discuss and (live) debug these, paid at an hourly rate.

Hey there, I’m able to provide 1:1 help. Can you please send me an e-mail to gennady[at]kovsheni[dot]com?

Hi Gennady, thank you for your answer. I tried sending an email but it came back as “Unroutable address”?

I am trying to replicate this functionality - . This is my current implementation thereof: . A lot of parts are hardcoded due to time constraints - mainly I need help with the validation and the “dynamic” attribute options.

Ugh sorry, it’s gennady[at]kovshenin[dot]com, missed an n :frowning: eek

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