Custom Attributes / Custom Fields - linking / populating in Custom Forms


I am trying to create a custom form with Gravity Forms, using custom fields or better to say what my theme uses, Custom Attributes.

I would like to use the fields I have created in ‘Custom’ attributes under ‘Products’ from my theme, but for some reason they do not show in the list under Custom field button/option when I try to add them.

Is there by any chance a walk through tutorial or someone can point me in the right direction for this?

Is this possible and if so do I need customization or can I do this via a tutorial?

How can I achieve this, as I need it to work with a specific site search filter plugin, so it’s not like I can just make my own custom attributes. The custom fields I create need to be linked to the Search bar, but at the same time print out these for each products page.

Any help or support would be much appreciated.


Okay, so your theme uses custom fields (or ‘custom attributes’). How does your theme save them? Are they saved as custom fields?

I could mention a lot of other questions, but the main questions would be:

  • How does your theme save those ‘custom attributes’
  • What theme are you using?

Hi Hiranthi,

I figured some stuff out but now I need to know how to use the form I created using Gravity Forms, to be the default Submit Product form. What coding or short-code do I add to the Submit Product page? How do I make it work along with my theme? Do I need to add back-end coding etc?

I am using an ecommerce theme.

Any help would be much appreciated.