Custom Advanced Name Field & Confirm Field

My team and I have been working on developing a complex form for our business website. It’s been going great and we love all of the features that Gravity Forms has, however I would like some assistance in creating a custom advanced field - similar to what’s already there.

For example: I’d like to create a custom “Name” field where it has “First Name”, “Middle Initial”, and “Last Name” - the important part of this is having the middle initial field be a smaller field and be limited to 1 character. Is this even possible?

Secondly, an additional field I’d like to create is something that mimic’s the “Email/Confirm Email” field, to be used for “SSN/Confirm SSN”. I’ve tried using Gravity Wiz’s custom confirm field dealio, but that forces me to use 2 independent fields vs 1 like the email field. Would anyone be interested in helping build this? Just a single-line text field with a SSN mask that gives has a checkbox that says “Confirm Field” and gives a 2nd inline input field to enter it, and if it doesn’t match to give a message like “Your SSN Fields do not match” or something along those lines.