Currency Symbol in email title

I have not come across this before having not used this scenario. I’m using the product total field and when inserting it into the email title it gives me below (Below is what I see in MS Outlook when the email comes in).


In other words the UK currency pound symbol is not being displayed in Outlook. Any ideas how I would go about fixing this?

This is version 2.4.24 (haven’t upgraded yet).

Hello Adey. I am not sure that Gravity Forms can do anything about that. Here is how I configured a subject line: firefox bGjVZVvbKI.png • Droplr

And this is what arrived and was displayed in Gmail: firefox fjNqzLB2rA.png • Droplr

Gravity Forms and my mail server and my mail client are all displaying this properly. It could be an issue with Outlook, or with the outgoing or incoming mail server. Those items are outside of Gravity Forms control. I will leave this topic open in case anyone is aware of displaying the GBP currency symbol in Outlook. Thank you.

I was inserting the calculated total field for products Chris. Not standard text. The merge tag total is automatically generated by GF.

Can you export and send me your form please so I can test that in my email client?

You can see how to export a form here: Exporting a Form - Gravity Forms Documentation

Once exported, please email that JSON file to

Thank you.

Hello Adey. I tested your form on a 2.4 and a 2.5 installation and sent the notifications, and this is what I see (this is Gmail.) Annotation on 2021-05-28 at 13-04-40.png • Droplr

When I checked the log, this is what is logged for the subject line:

[subject] => TOTAL $40.00VAN STOCK CHECK IN/OUT 28/05/2021 Chris Hajer

There is nothing strange going on there.

I changed my currency to GBP and tested again and it looks like this: Annotation on 2021-05-28 at 13-05-42.png • Droplr

Very Strange! This is what was logged:

[subject] => TOTAL £ 40.00VAN STOCK CHECK IN/OUT 28/05/2021 Chris Hajer

It looks like email clients can’t handle that HTML entity, which is strange, because I have never heard this one before! But, in the interest of working around the problem, I made a change to the email subject line. It looks like this now at the beginning:

TOTAL £ {Total Moving Stock Worth:132:price}

I pasted the GBP symbol in there directly, then added the “:price” modifier to the merge tag, to suppress the currency symbol. That made the subject line look like this for me:

I am going to do some more tests and write up an issue for the product team to look into this, but I hope this workaround will work for you?