Total Value displaying with   in thousands separator space [RESOLVED]

Hi - I am changing some prices on a website that is using Gravity forms. For some reason the total calculation field is displaying   in the thousands separator position! How would I fix this? Thanks. All is good until total calc exceeds 1000

I can’t replicate the issue described in a default WP installation using latest Gravity Forms 2.6.4.

I would recommend you to check if maybe you have a custom function in your theme functions.php file using the gform_currencies filter to alter the currency definition.

If that’s not the case, I would recommend you to perform a full conflict test.

Thank you - you are correct - there is this in the functions.php in the child theme - not my site, just was doing client a favour!

add_filter( ‘gform_currencies’, function( $currencies ) {
$currencies[‘ZAR’][‘symbol_left’] = ‘R’;
$currencies[‘ZAR’][‘symbol_right’] = ‘’;
$currencies[‘ZAR’][‘symbol_padding’] = ‘’;
$currencies[‘ZAR’][‘thousand_separator’] = ’ ';
$currencies[‘ZAR’][‘decimal_separator’] = ‘.’;
$currencies[‘ZAR’][‘decimals’] = ‘2’;
return $currencies;
} );

the & # 160 ; displays as a space (as I would expect) :slight_smile:
Appreciate your speedy response and assistance!