CSV brings data in wrong columns

Hi, I created a form with the following:

  • name
  • surname
  • email
  • telephone
  • upload 1
  • upload 2
  • consent 1 (description field is filled with a specific text).
  • consent 2.

When I export csv file from this form (to check the entries), description from “consent 1” breaks and one part of it’s text goes to name and surname columns, and I have no idea why.
If I make the description text smaller, everything is fine.

I have another form (another website) with a larger description and I don’t have that problem with it.

Can someone help me with this? Thank you so much.
Ps.: english is not my first language.

Hello. Your English is great!

Try importing that CSV with another spreadsheet tool, like Google Sheets or Libre/OpenOffice, rather that Excel. Excel seems to have more trouble with the imports than some other tools. If that does not help with these files, I recommend opening a support ticket to get some additional assistance:

Thank you.

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