Chained Selects plugin : import CSV multiple call in form. CVS isn't import


Thanks Gravityforms team, it’s a very good job.

In my form, i have 2 Chained Select field and i make an update of external csv files (googlesheet) for each one with the filter gform_chained_selects_input_choices .

Only one make a update and the other have the same csv content.

The $field[“gfcsFile”][“name”] is “export” in all import file name.

If you have an idea, it’s xill be great.


My function

function set_import_file_categories( $import_file, $form, $field ){

if ($field->adminLabel == 'placelist') {
    $url = '' . get_option('place_googlesheet_id') . '/export?format=csv';
    $field["gfcsFile"]['name'] = 'lieu';
if ($field->adminLabel == 'category') {
    $url = '' . get_option('category_googlesheet_id') . '/export?format=csv';
    $field["gfcsFile"]['name'] = 'probleme';

  $file_array = array(
      'url' => $url,
      'expiration' => 10
  return $file_array;

Hi Quentin - I recommend opening a support ticket for an issue such as this one. Thank you:

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Thanks chris

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