Css for delete file button color?

I want to change the color of the delete file button.

Basically, when someone fills out the form and doesn’t complete it correctly, they always think the problem is with the image files due to the color of the cross.

Help would be greatly appreciated!

Are you able to disable legacy markup for this form? The newer markup (used with forms created after version 2.5) presents these icons as trash bins instead – improving the user experience. Legacy markup can be toggled at Form → Settings → Form Options → Enable legacy markup.

Hi Joshua,

Thank you for your response,

Unfortunately, I can’t find it in the settings, probably because my current Gravity Form version is 2.25. Is there any other way I can do it rather than updating to latest version?

You can hook into the filter gform_file_upload_markup with some custom code. There is an example on that page showing how to change delete button, though I don’t know if that specific example is relevant for legacy markup or the standard markup.

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