Cross Scripting Error with GoDaddy

We just switched from our development URL to our production URL and installed the SSL certificate. As soon as we completed the change, we are getting the following error upon form submission: “An attempted XSS (Cross site scripting) was detected and blocked.”

Any ideas on how to solve this? We are also opening up a ticket with GoDaddy.

I’d recommend opening a support ticket with Gravity Forms as well in case there is a security issue:

From what I’ve seen (I work at a Dutch webhosting company) this is often caused by not having HTTPS and/or not having HTTP redirect to HTTPS automatically.

And when all those URLs should be HTTPS and the redirect to HTTPS is active as well: it could be a cache issue (some themes have their own internal cache that needs to be flushed). I’ve also seen re-saving the WP permalinks can help in similar cases.

Anyway, diving in with GoDaddy + Gravity Forms support is definitely a good idea :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. GoDaddy says it’s something with the plugin. So I have a ticket open with Gravity Forms and we’ll see what happens. Thanks!

Thanks for the tips! I have tickets opened up with GoDaddy and Gravity forms. Hopefully between the two, it can be figured out. Thanks!

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