Creating a floating field within a form

I have an existing form with some main and conditional fields.
I want the conditional fields to show as a floating pop-up beside the main fields (instead of having that conditional fields showing within the page/form itself), but there seems to have no native way of doing it. Any input on how I could do it?

@user61b1002b7c82f191 Add Javascript to an HTML field inside your form.

// Change field_4_5 with the field that doesn't have the condition added to it.
// Change input_4_6 to the field you want to appear next to the first field.
window.onload = function joinFields() {

Then add some CSS

/* Change #input_4_6 with the ID of the field you want to appear next to your first field. */
#input_4_6 {    
    position: relative; 
    left: 108%;
    top: -40px; 
    width: 32%;

Here is the output

If you need any further help maybe someone from Gravity Forms can chime in.


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