Create Checkboxes width more text right side

I nedd to create checkboxes opcion and control one or more of them are checked.
The problem i have is i need tu put a lot of text in the text of the check box like in the image

How can I do this?

Hi Pedro,

You can do a layout like that by putting a checkbox field in the first column and an HTML block field in the remainder of that row with your bullet lists.

You’ll end up with 3 checkbox fields, but that will give you the content layout you’re looking for. There is no practical way to create that layout with ONE checkbox field.

Here’s how it looks in the Form Editor:

and how it looks in the Form Preview:

Hope that helps!

Thanks for your help.
The problem is that I have to check that at least one of the checkboxes is checked and if I put several different checkboxes I don’t know how to check it.

If you’re talking about that check with Conditional Logic, you would add a Check for ‘empty’ on each of those fields and combine them with an ALL must match. That way if any of the checkboxes in those fields are selected, it would fail the condition. If all were unchecked, then it would pass the condition.

Here’s how that would look in Conditional Logic

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