Converting a list field into a table on the front end


I’m currently working on a project that helps scholarship foundations accept and review applicants. My system uses Gravity Forms, GravityPDF, CPT UI, ACF, and Elementor.

The way it works is applicants submit their application on the website through a Gravity Form which through Gravity Forms’ post creation add-on creates a custom post type with ACF fields attached. These custom fields are pushed to a front-end view of the application that acts as an applicant profile.

My issue is with the Gravity Forms list field and getting it to show on the front end in an organized manner. I am currently using the list field for applicants to choose a category from a list of activities and then add their involvement in those (see attached).

Here is a link to the form:
The list field is on the 4th page. (sorry you have to put in kind of a lot of info to get there)

I want it to display as a table on the front end like it does in the backend of Gravity Forms or in the GravityPDF that is created (see attached). I have been unable to figure out how to recreate this. Currently, all I can pull to the front-end is:

“Your Involvment”:“Freshman football”}
“Your Involvment”:“FCA”}
“Your Involvment”:“Band”}]

Has anyone run into this before? Any help or guidance would be appreciated. If this is a tough problem where I will need to hire a developer, let me know. Sometimes, it is hard to determine what is simple and what is complex.


Hi @user5b8ac00d25c342.7 - GravityView can display List fields on the front-end of a site. The solution would be different that what you are doing—you wouldn’t use the Post Creation Add-On. You would display and review the applications inside a GravityView layout.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!