Conversational Forms Beta: Progress Bar doesn't go away

I activated the progress bar on a form with multiple pages, using Ajax so i can have the form operate inside a popup. The progress bar was turned on (to see how it beahved) and now it’s OFF but still running. Any help or ideas?

Running most recent version of everything. I have deleted cache multiple times to check.

Hi there, @lcoursey! Thanks for sharing this with us. I have some questions and need additional context before I can better troubleshoot what might be going on:

  • Can you provide me with an export of this particular form?
  • Can you provide further clarification for how you’re using this form and the issue you’re seeing, a screenshot(s) would be helpful?

Thank you!

Thanks @lcoursey! Sorry to be a pain, but I need a bit more info:

  • You can export your form by following this:
  • I’m still trying to get a better understanding of how you’re using this form (what is your implementation as a block, via code, etc.; Also is that page you are showing the form on that form in a conversational form setting?). If you are able to do a screencast to walk me through your setup that would be amazing, and if it’s easier, I’m happy to hop on a video call with you as well.


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Screencast available.

Hello @lcoursey - The csv file shared earlier is an entry export.

Can you please export the form and send us the JSON file? Here are instructions for exporting a form:

You can share that in the same manner as you did the other file, or email it to and I’ll get it to Ryan. Thank you.

Have you tried deactivating Gravity Forms, clearing the cache, reactivating, and trying again? Also, you could take a look at your server-side caching and clear that. Lastly - have you tried in an incognito window to ensure it isn’t just browser caching?

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