Confirmation & Notification Entries Styling (Post Form Submission) [RESOLVED]

Hi Guys, I have been searching but couldn’t find anything.

I have a client that wants to copy and paste their notifications (or post form entries) into another system, so I would like to simplify the style of the notifications to remove indentation (mainly).

The screen shot shows how the content is viewed on our page after submission. The notification email is similar in formatting except it seems as though the page confirmation has taken some of our theme formatting.

With the entries viewed on our page I have created a confirmation that is ‘Text’, I would like to remove the background shading of blue, white and grey and also remove the answers indented and have them inline with the questions. I have chosen ‘all fields’ as I have conditional fields and don’t want to export any fields that have a ‘null’ value.

With the notification email I only really want to remove the indentation.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

OK so it seems as though I was a major nubie and the answer was very simple. I used the text edit function and created html. I was afraid of using all of the individual field labels as I thought if there was a null value that it would still show the field in the confirmation, but it does not.

As I am a mere marketer with basic level html knowledge and not a real coder, I was able to us ChatGPT to help me with basic html and with a bit of trial and error got there in the end.

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