Customise content style mail notification

Hi, I’m looking to change the mail style from our form and I don’t find the solution.
There is just one style (Title blue and blank field like that Screenshot by Lightshot ) in gravity Form ?
I would like for exemple to change the blue color or maybe the font. What is the solution ?


Hello Luc. There are only two filters available to change the default style of the {all_fields} merge tag. These are the two filters:


If you want to change the font size, you could use the gform_pre_send_email filter as shown in example 5 here:

If those filters don’t help you achieve the look you want, you can create your own HTML notification layout and customize anything you like, there. Here is a discussion of how to do that:

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Hello Chris, OK thanks a lot for your reply. There is not any option in back office or something like that for this, OK. It should be great :). Is it a project ?

cheers !

There are no settings in the admin to affect those colors. Using the filters will only require a line or two of code. If you are OK with the options that are available with these filters (background color of the label, background color of the text, and then overall text size for the notification) let us know what colors and font size you want to try and we can help you with the actual code you can use.

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