Conditional Logic, Jquery WP updates

Hi Guys, Ive been through most if not all of the forum related topics and solutions.
Been at this almost 22 hours straight.

Everything was fine until a couple of days ago.

When my forms load on page, the fields which have a conditional logic function, that will show depending on a radio choice selection; flash up in full, then disappear, until needed.

So the form loads in full, for half a second, then normal. It looks pretty bad.

Have tried everything, except I cant figure out the jQuery solution regarding Heeder and Footer?

Its all all forms, across the site, and network.
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Ive done the usual testing - Plugin conflict - removed all conditional logic - removed custom html - rebuilt copy form from scratch. etc. Used Plugin Migrate , suggested earlier by Chris, and Health check.

I’ve been building the site for a year now, with no experience. I’m afraid I don’t know how to read code, eg in the “inspect function” on a browser. Have tested on Chrome, Edge, IE and Safari. On two PC, and a MAC

I bet its something simple

Can anyone help?

Cheers in advance


Hi Gary. Two days ago, WordPress 5.6 was released. Is that when your problem started (I see you are using 5.6 on the site)?

It looks like there is a jQuery error jQuery is not defined so any of the scripts on the page that require jQuery will not work. It is possible that jQuery is being included in a minified script, but I could not find it. I recommend disabling WP Optimize while trying to find the problem. Then clear anything cached, and test the form in the form preview. If it works there, chances are there is a conflict on the site. You said you performed the conflict test, but I would test again after clearing any cache (server side or plugin) using the Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin.

You can also open a support ticket for this, but the initial advice will be the same (clear cache, check for conflicts.) Something is moving jQuery to a different place, or not outputting it at all, which will be another plugin or your theme.

If you need to open a support ticket: