Conditional logic for posting to different custom post types

I want to allow my visitors to submit posts of custom post types.

Users will be submitting one of two different custom post types; either a website or a book.
There is specific reason these are set-up as different custom post types.

With my form I want the user to first choose the post type they are submitting and then present them an appropriate set of fields to complete and on submission post to the correct post type.

With Gravity Forms and Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types I can use Post Title to post to a custom post type but can only use one such field per form.

This is problematic, because I need to post to one of two depending on the options a user chooses.

Is there a work around to this ? Thanks.

The Advanced Post Creation Add-On could handle this. You would create a feed for each post type and use the conditional logic settings on the feeds to ensure the correct feed is used to process the submission.

Thanks Richard, I appreciate the suggestion unfortunately the Elite license is well out my price range, the project is a non-commercial endeavour I’m doing in my spare time.

If there is any work-around you can think of, even if it involves coding rather than add-ons, it would be appreciated. The only, quite clumsy, way I can imagine doing it is taking the option of media-type out of the form and having it as a manual control which when they select it then triggers the presentation of a type specific form I set-up in Gravity Forms.