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I place business with over 200 different companies. The Products these companies offer differ from company to company and from company to State (US States).
I need a hidden resource, hidden from the person completing the form, that we can use to help remember who provides what product in what State.

Depending on the “residency” State, let’s say California, the user’s residency State I mean, the product offered to this user is only provided from Certain Companies. I do not want the user to know what companies. I do want my employees to know what Companies offer such product.

How can I accomplish this task please?


You can set something up like this relatively easily.

See screenshots for instructions.

After these steps:

  • Save your form

  • Go to the forms notifications tab

  • Click the admin notification

  • Follow the instructions in the following screenshot

This will send a notification to your staff letting them know which product the user selected and also which company provides this particular product.

Please note: You can add any pertinent company information such as the company address, phone number, email, wholesale cost, etc as the value in the fields ‘show value’ section. You are not limited to the company name and state.

Hope this helps.

Hello Derek Miller.

Thank you for Chiming in.

The “trigger” would be the “Address” 205 Court Street, Jackson CA, 95642. “Where CA” is the first part of the condition. If “any” are CA then show (Company 1 Name, Company 2 Name and Hide Company 3 Name or for Company 3 show “not eligible”)

My concern is, as the “user” clicks on the Next button, I do not want them to see which Companies are on the list.

Does the user not have to click next, see that page I would rather they not see to get to the submit button?

Here is the scenario. Some States provide a product. Some State do not.

Or am I missing the point here.

Am I to use the “hidden” dropdown?

So, for example, A Timber Operator wants to buy workers Compensation.

I have 40 Workers Compensation Insurance carriers.

Only 2 write in the State of Utah.

The clients address is in Utah. Thus, based on his State, Utah, I want the two names of the carriers to come to my staff. ( I will not need values in this case correct?)

And using the hidden field for the hidden conditional dropdown will accomplish this?

I will give it a go.

Thank you once again.

Best Regards,

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Thanks @LoneWolf95665 for the clarification.

The values are not shown to users. That’s essentially automatically hidden to all users viewing the form.

I think to accomplish what you are needing you would change the company name to the state and the type of insurance they’re needing.

The drop down is not hidden but the values are. The customer will only see the label ie. Type of insurance and the state they are wanting to be insured in.

This approach will minimize you from having to add an excessive amount of conditional logic to your form.

There is no need to add an additional page to your form but I believe your concern is if the values will be shown and they won’t be.

Thank you. This would be an easy situation if the Hidden Field was “conditional” but apparently it is not. I can set up the form to find the trigger. Gravity Hidden | Associated Loggers
The trigger in this case would be “State”
If in Utah, Company 1 Name show to staff. Hide Company name 2. To make things more precise. The product is Workers Compensation Insurance. ( I hope I do not lose anyone) If the State is Utah, show Company 1 Name, Underwriter name and email. Hide Company 2 to staff as company 2 does not write in Utah.
Or, can I use a Hide page # (some number) in all instances but the conditional will show?

Update, I was using some “other field”. Sorry, I now added a Single Line Text field and see the conditional and under the advance tab see radio button to make hidden.

Perhaps I’m not understanding.

You do need the user to tell you which type of insurance and which state they are needing insurance for, correct?

If that is what you are needing then there is no reason for the one drop down field to be hidden. Or to have conditional logic to show or hide it.

The single drop down will let the user select the state and type of insurance. The notification merge tag will send your staff the correct insurance provider(s) information you added as the options value. It will not show them any other insurance providers(s) information.

The user also will not be able to see the insurance providers information you added as the value.

Thank you once again. I am a 30 year in the business of independent insurance broker. I will have several conditional in the form. Another way of saying is, the there could be many triggers (conditions) that would eliminate the “number of carriers” that would accept an account. The State or States of operation are only one conditon. The type of operation is another, the number of losses are another, the size of premium and so on… there are possibly five others conditions. It may be that having a “Code” page showing eligibility the xyz is shown to us but xyz = Company 1. Unless you have another suggestion.

Thanks @LoneWolf95665

So basically you would change the drop downs field label to select a state, update the available states in the list of options, then add conditional logic to it to only show if the user selected ‘worker’s compensation’ in a previous field. The previous field being type of insurance.

You can repeat this for as many different types of insurance plans or premiums you offer.

Please see this “form for workers compensation” that in development.

I checked out the form.

My suggestion is still the same. You can use radio buttons instead of the drop down.

The notification can also include multiple merge tags which can send you the price and other information you might need.

You may need to duplicate some of the fields, remove some of the available options in the field, and apply different logic to each field to get the precise company that can provide the insurance.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Derek. I appreciate your help

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