Complicated form with user restriction and automated overview table

I am currently working on a project for a political tutoring website and the students are required to watch the news report everyday and answer a few questions abpout it in a form, in order for the client to control if they watched it.
Is it possible to build a form in which the student can enter his name and then submit the data and restrict others that enter a “non-unlocked” name from submitting?

It would be perfect if the form also creates a table that shows an overview with the dates on the y-axis and the name on the x-axis and then prints a 0 if the report was not submitted that day and a 1 if it was.

Thank you all for your answers in advance!
and sorry for my english :slight_smile:

Hi Konrad. What is a “non-unlocked” name? Who should be able to submit the form, and who should be prevented from submitting the form?

Hi Chris, only the members of the current class should be able to submit the form. So for example there would be a student named “David Smith”.
In the form there will be a name field where the student has to enter his last name. If someone now enters “Smith “ then the details he filled in will be saved. If he enters something else ( a name of someone that isn’t member of the current class) the form should return an error message.

Thanks for trying to understand my problem :joy:

Thanks for the additional information Konrad. It sounds like you will have a list of registered users then, and only registered users will be able to submit the form if they enter their name, correct?

What would prevent me from entering David Smith there and viewing your form? Or just guessing names until I find one that works?