Comments on fields

It would be nice if there was somewhere to put comments on fields. When forms get complicated gets a bit hard to have an overview - comments on fields would help.

Come to think of it - a general comment field in the forms designer would be nice as well. :grinning:

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Wouldn’t the HTML fields provide for this ?

Yes/no, but I don’t think its a great idea to put the comments on the frontend - you can’t hide html fields, so you’d have to put it into html comments - which are visible in the html source (just as hidden fields are).

It would just be nice to have a backend-only comment field on the fields themselves, so you don’t clutter already large forms more with even more fields.

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Ah, I think I see better now what you are suggesting, and imho that does sound pretty useful.

I will try to re-state below, what I believe you are describing…

Note, I’ve just recently been exploring the GF capabilities for adding new fields and add-ons. You’ve inspired me to take a crack at adding your feature to my new field type, and I will try to also assess the viability of extending such an enhancement to all the core field types - unless someone with more experience chimes in here with any impactful comments…

Feature: Admin-Only Viewable Description Text Block
In field edit mode, expose textarea input box below description box.
In form edit mode (field “closed”), render admin comment below field label
In page render mode, suppress display of admin comments

LMK if I’ve captured and described your idea correctly, thanks !

I should probably have called it “Admin Notes”. My preference is to add it to existing fields - as a tab for instance next to “Advanced” - have an “Notes” tab.

The downside to having it as a text block as you describe is that it isn’t “locked” to the field I want to put the note on, and it adds even more elements to a form which may already be hard to overview.

It’s a good idea as a more general note on a form - for instance in the top of the form, but not as a field note tool. :slight_smile:

It just annoys me in general that there isn’t any note fields on WP pages, Woo products, Elementor/Divi/anything - often it would be nice to have a small note such as “this field has custom CSS or JS in theme”