Clicking label not selecting checkbox on mobile [RESOLVED]

Anyone else have an issue where clicking the label doesn’t cause the checkbox to be selected on mobile? It’s working properly on desktop but as soon as I try it on my ipad or mobile phone, it doesn’t work.

Here’s a fiddle showing the HTML code in question, directly copied from my site.
To repro:
Run the fiddle
Click the label on desktop, notice that the checkbox becomes selected properly.
Open dev tools, switch to mobile view, and click label. Notice that the checkbox doesn’t become selected. It’s like nothing happens.

I’ve confirmed this issue on an actual iphone and ipad as well.

I figured out the issue here. I’m using Elementor and had two sections on the page with the same form. One section shows for desktop and one for mobile. When I removed the second Gravity Form shortcode, it solved the issue. What was happening was I clicked the label on the visible form and it was checking the checkbox in the hidden form. My values were still being passed through because the hidden checkbox was checked but the visible form didn’t show it.

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