Dynamically populate checkbox on button click elementor


On my site I have a page with 3 packages, each with a button that anchors down the page to a contact form. I want that, when a button is clicked, the corresponding package is checked in the in the gravity form. I have tried to do so with the documentation but it’s not working. The buttons are elementor buttons, I don’t know if it makes a difference.


Package 1
button> I want this one

Checked - package 1
Not checked - package 2
Not checked - package 3

How would I achieve this?
Thanks in advance!

Populating form fields based on buttons clicked on the same page is not a feature of Gravity Forms. You would need to create your own custom JavaScript code to do so, nothing special for Gravity Forms, just standard code as you would do for any other HTML form.

If you feel you need assistance implementing this, we would recommend contacting a freelance developer.

We do not offer customization services; all our development time goes into our products, but Gravity Forms are official partners with Codeable, the #1 WordPress outsourcing service. They can provide quality development from hand-picked Gravity Forms specialists for any project size and budget. They can also provide you with a no obligation estimate of the project’s cost up front. You can reach Codeable via this link.

You can also post to our Community Forum Job Board, We do not vet any of the individual developers there, it is an open forum for all, but our community is certainly full of talented folks!

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