Dynamically Check a Radio Button

I have a job listing page with three jobs listed. Current Positions - Revolution Print and Packaging

Each job description has a button that takes you to the same form. Apply - Revolution Print and Packaging

The top input on the form is a radio button that lets you select which job you applying for. I’d like the Radio button to be checked based on the button they used to get to the form. In other words if they click “Job One’s button”, “Job One’s Radio Button” would be selected on the form when it opens.

IKf this isn’t possible on a Reradion button, it is possible for Check Boxes?

You can select a radio button choice by passing the choice value in the URL query string using the same parameter name you have configured in the field dynamic population settings:

I understand the concept, but I don’t understand where to put things.

Hi Kenton

If you go to the application form and edit it, click on the radio box for ‘Position you are applying for:’ then click on ‘Advanced’ and tick the ‘Allow this field to be populated dynamically’ box, you can add a ‘Parameter Name’, in this instance, let’s say you call it ‘position’ and click on update.

When you add the url to the apply button for the first job, you would put in: https://staging2.rppsplash.com/apply/?position=Hybrid+Flexo+Press+Operator

This would then tick the option for this job should someone click on the apply button. You would need do the same for the Apply buttons for other vacancies, but change the text after the = to match the name of the vacancy.

I hope this helps.