Check that complex form sends mails in any given case

maybe you can give helpful advice?
I am working on a more complex form with conditional logic.

It is all working - I am quite firm what the plugin itself has to offer I guess and I know a few add-ons.

What I am curious about, is if there is a possibility to check that every visitor gets a mail after submitting the form in any given case!

I know that I can check for every entrie, when a mail was send and which one. That is great so far. But the form is so complex that I need to know that an E-Mail will received in any case or not. Because to calculate all the possible outcome through the conditional logic - is tough to handle.

Is there maybe any add-on that could help me with this?

thank you

This is an interesting request. I don’t know of any add-on that can do that, but I will leave this open in case someone is aware of something that can help with this. Thank you.

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