Changing the value of the action attribute in the gravity forms

I want to send the form data to another page through the post method after submitted the form.
I read the available documentation, but I didn’t get any results

Thank you for helping me.

Hi Nikolla. You can change the action for the form using the gform_form_tag filter:

Note that if you do that, Gravity Forms will not collect and entry, no Gravity Forms notifications or feeds will be processed, and Gravity Forms will not perform any validation of the submission. In most cases, you don’t want to use this.

If you want Gravity Forms to handle the entry and validation and notifications, you probably don’t want to change that. Let Gravity Forms collect the entry, and then use either gform_after_submission to send the data somewhere, in addition to Gravity Forms or the Webhooks Add-On if you have an Elite license:


If you explain what you are trying to accomplish, we can help you with the best way to get there. Thank you.

Thank you for your answer

What exactly I want to do is to transfer the information that the user enters in the form to a page related to Odoo ERP with the post method. I could not do this with webhook or third party plugin.

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