Change value of radio button after 90 days

Hi, I currently am getting the days since a person signed up for each entry and I have the value for all entries radio button. I just don’t know how to actually change that value to the other option after 90 days have passed. I’ve been looking at the documentation for the last few weeks and I just can’t find a way to do this. Does anyone have any suggestions? If you need me to paste my code here let me know.


Go ahead and paste your code here. Thank you.

$form_id = 1;
$search_criteria = array();
$sorting = array( 'key' => '15', 'direction' => 'ASC' );
$paging  = array( 'offset' => 0, 'page_size' => 100 );
$total_count = 0;
$entries = GFAPI::get_entries( $form_id, $search_criteria, $sorting, $paging, $total_count );   

$currentdate = date("Y-m-d");

foreach ($fixedentries as $entry) {
     $entry_date = rgar( $entry, '15' );
     $email_im_holding = rgar( $entry, '31' );

$dateDiff = dateDiffInDays($currentdate, $entry_date);
	if ( count( array_unique( $entry ) ) < count( $entry ) ) {
		if ($dateDiff >= 90){
			/* change $email_im_holding value to "Holding Account" */

		} else{
			/* do nothing */

I’d basically need it to trigger each day or even on email notification sent then to change the value. Is there an action that can do this in gravity forms? Or a workaround for this?

How much of this is working, and what do you still need help with?

I just need help with how to change the value for the radio button field $email_im_holding to “Holding Account” from “Normal Account”. the
if ($dateDiff >= 90){
works fine when an entry is over 90 days. Then I don’t know how to trigger this so it checks each day I’d assume as a cron job.

Got it. If you need to check every day, then yes, you need to run this as a cron job. Look into “wp cron”:

Or if you have command line access and WP CLI you could use the server cron, and a WP CLI script for Gravity Forms:

Ok, the cronjob should work fine but do you know of a way to change the value for a radio button while not actually on the form page or editing the form?

You can do it with the Gravity Forms CLI add-on:

or using API functions:

Thanks, I was able to get it to work he functions.php file but I want it to run only once a day so I moved it over to a new php file but I’m getting “Uncaught Error: Class ‘GFAPI’ not found in …” errors. I’m guessing I need to import the class but I don’t know which class I would import from gravity forms to get it to work. Any Ideas? Thanks!

I figured it out, I created a custom plugin and added the code to the php file and wrapped it in gravity forms custom cron job

add_action( 'gravityforms_cron', function() {

Thanks for your help.

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Very cool. Thank you for the update.