Change to Paypal IPN settings

I received the following from Paypal merchant services and was wondering if there is anything I need to change with the IPN settings with the Paypal standard addon?

As communicated via email in the first week of December 2020, PayPal is expanding the Instant Payments Notification (IPN) infrastructure used to notify merchants about events related to the status of PayPal transactions. This change has added seven new IP addresses from which IPNs are being sent since January 18, 2021. Below are all of the IP addresses that are being used for IPN. (New) (New) (New) (New) (New) (New) (New)

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If you are implementing any Access Control List (ACL) or filters on IP addresses for the IPNs received from PayPal, we request that you add all the aforementioned IP addresses before May 1, 2021. Doing so will help avoid missing IPNs from PayPal.

Hi Mark. There is nothing hard-coded in Gravity Forms with respect to this. I recommend contacting your host to be sure they will allow inbound traffic from those IP address blocks. Thank you.