Change notification header based on value of any of many radio buttons [RESOLVED]


I have a form with multiple (17, to be exact) Yes/No radio buttons. What I need is to change the header in the notification email based on whether any of the radio buttons has “Yes” selected.

I know this in theory easily could have been achieved by using conditional logic on the notification itself, but that option has allready been used for other purposes.

(The big problem here is that the notification conditional logic don’t have the “AND/OR” option. It does only have the “IF ALL CONDITIONS MATCHES” and the “IF ANY OF THE CONDITIONS MATCHES”. -And I have allready used the “IF ALL”…)

So what I need is a (hidden) field that is dynamically populated with one value if any of the radio buttons is Yes, and another value if all of them are No. (Then I can just use this value in the header of the notification…)

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to solve this?

Thank you upfront!

I solved it by using examples found here: (Point 7)