Change hours range behind Time field based on day chosen in Date field?

I’ve got a date field for customers to select their reservation request date. Below that I have a “reservation time” field for customers to select the requested time of their reservation on that date. Depending on what day of the week they select (weekday vs. weekend) I want them to see two different ranges of hours to select from. For a weekday selection I want them to see (and only be able to select) 12PM through 6PM; for a weekend selection I want them to see 10AM through 6PM.

I can’t find an ‘easy’ way to do this using GF; is there a way to do it there or is there a plugin available to get something like this done?

Appreciate the help!

There is a free solution that will let you base conditional logic on dates:

Or they have a paid version as well:

With that, you could base conditional logic for your time fields on the selections made in the date field.