Chained Select field error only for some users

Hi all!

I have a chained select field that is ‘dropping’ the users’ selection.

Some of my site’s users are experiencing an error. I cannot replicate the error on any of my browsers.

  • Multi-form - using Easy Passthrough to pass data
  • The first form holds the chained select field that is having issues
  • The error is the first field of the chained select is being ‘replaced’ by an option the user did not select. Therefore, the second field of the chained select is unpopulated.

Here is a link to the form -

Here is a video of the error - Sell Land Fast | Contact 12 Land Buyers On 1 Site | Multiple Cash Offers

I’ve paid for user testing - 20 form fills - and cannot replicate this error.

Any suggestions? Totally stumpped.


Hi Ryan,

Since the user didn’t select that State/County combo in the first form, I’m inclined to think Easy Passthrough isn’t the culprit. When the user submits the first form, the session cookie is overwritten with the latest submission and you can see that part is working because the State/County is correct when the second form is first loaded.

I wonder if there might be some kind of caching that is causing the incorrect submission. We have a Cache Busting plugin that could help there. It loads the form in AJAX so it bypasses the server-side cache.

All that said, we’re happy to dig into this further to see if Easy Passthrough is indeed the cause. Submit a support request and we’ll be happy to have a look.

Thanks Scott!

I agree, this could be a caching issue.

That user - who did the video - lives in Wisconsin. And, as you can see in the video, the “State” field changes from his selection to…Wisconsin.

But, a web developer I am not.

Let me test that plugin. That may be the ticket.

Would we need to run this plugin on both the homepage and the ‘form page.’? Ideally, we can keep our homepage running as fast as possible. What would you recommend?

Thank you!!

The plugin is only active on forms that you designate it to run on, and it only applies to the form itself. The rest of the page will use the site cache.

You can activate the cache buster using the gravityforms shortcode, like this:

[gravityforms id="123" cachebuster="1"]

That implementation would only affect the single form.

You can also apply it to all forms on the site by adding this filter to your functions.php file:

add_filter( 'gfcb_enable_cache_buster', '__return_true' );

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